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Our aim is to enable a complete transition from fossil to renewable energies and so to eliminate fossil CO2 emissions, by providing stable, long-term and cost-efficient energy storage by means of an efficient and energy dense liquid organic Hydrogen carrier.
Our solution consists on developing technologies to support the safe, easy and cost-effective transport and production of Hydrogen, in order to enable a complete energetic transition from fossil fuels to renewables, for a clean environment.



HYFORM-PEMFC System energy efficiency

Up to 53


H2 content in Formic Acid



HYFORM-PEMFC prototype system peak power


CO2 emission from the process can be captured and recycled in order to store Hydrogen, closing the circle and making the conversion totally free of environmental impact.

  • 100%

    CO2 captured and recycled

  • 100%

    Clean emissions process

How it works

Step 1.

Formic Acid is produced by converting renewable electricity exceeding consumption demands.

Step 2.

Formic Acid is converted into Hydrogen through a catalyser (various states and forms according to the specific application).

Step 3.

CO2 is captured for re-use.

Step 4.

Hydrogen is converted into electricity through a fuel cell.


Complete energetic transition from fossil to renewable energy made possible through:
– Long term energy storage;
– Transport of Hydrogen: support to Hydrogen economy implementation;
– Green industrial revolution.

CO2 emissions reduction:
– no CO2 emission;
– CO2 capture for Hydrogen storage.


Liquid at ambient conditions: easy and cost effective to transport, to store and to handle.

High capacity Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier: H2 content up to 53 kg/m3 or 600 Nm3/m3

FA allows long-term energy storage and fast refuelling (vs batteries slow recharging).

Low volatility, non-explosive fuel.

Common chemical compound available worldwide.

It can be produced from renewable sources.



Hydrogen production from Formic Acid (FA), HCOOH -> H2+CO2. The catalytic reformer has been developed for on-demand Hydrogen production. The reformer (a H2 source) can be coupled with a commercial fuel cell.



Prototype of Reformed Formic Acid (FA) Fuel Cell (FC) Power Generator.
World 1st integrated FAFC 1 kWe system.
Technology Demonstration unit.


Energy/Gas suppliers

In order to enable the energetic transition from fossil to renewable fuels, energy suppliers need to address the issue of stable, seasonal/long-term and cost-efficient energy storage.

Investors and partners

The green economy is growing and it is one of the most active and vibrating industries. Investment in this field have grown in the last few years, and they are expected to increase even more in the near future. According to German-based Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, the global market volume for “environmental technologies” will reach a projected $2,740 billion by 2020.

Local communities and institutions

Local institutions are now aware of the fact that in order to ensure communities health, safety and wellness, they need to comply with policies which reserve a special attention to the environment.

Fuel cell systems manufacturers

Fuel cell systems manufacturers are in need of solutions to overcome issues linked to Hydrogen.
Our solution offers a safe, low pressure Hydrogen storage with simple, low temperature reforming.


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